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  • How buying a new Porsche can save you money | StuttgartDNA
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  • European delivery programs enable couples to take delivery of their of European cars, including Porsche and Saab, have delivery programs.

    European Delivery programs are a compelling offer: a discount car price and a If you factor in the travel savings, all but Porsche are a better deal to pick-up.

    European Delivery and or Porsche Experience Center - 9 Things to Know About European Delivery of Your Porsche - 9 Things to Know About.

    Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait. With more than a little nostalgia, I recently decided my next car purchase would be a factory delivery and set out to research options. The temperatures in Northern Europe range from like 30F to 60F all year round. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Learn how your comment data is processed.

    9 Things to Know About European Delivery of Your Porsche - Rennlist - Porsche Discussion Forums

    Great slide show and thank you for posting! I would like to add a few more comments: It is harder to negotiate with your dealer when you mention European Delivery. The dealer is compensated with another allocation from PCNA but still it is not the same thing for the dealership. Even if you negotiate a great price and THEN mention European Delivery, most dealerships will back track from that price. Porsche doesn't pay to ship the car back, the buyer does. Don't forget you get a "free lunch" at their VIP restaurant.

    Museum in Stuttgart is also closed on Monday so if you want to see that, plan accordingly. The track and off-road experience is only available in Leipzig. I did it in and I am planning another one next year. Find More Posts by subshooter. FYI the flight discount component listed is not true. Find More Posts by BealeAss. Dealer has the option to hold your VAT deposit. My dealer did not require it. They do offer discounts on air with Lufthansa but I found better deals on line.

    While an international license is not required I have gotten speeding tickets in some former east European countries where they take your drivers license until you pay the ticket. I rather give them my AAA international license to hold. Find More Posts by skuplist. I doubt that the insurance is valid in an eastern European country. Find More Posts by RickIrons.

    Originally Posted by RickIrons. Some insurances here exclude certain eastern European countries. I didn't check farther out like Serbia or Russia but it also includes Montenegro.

    Drove all over Croatia no issue. There is a Porsche dealer in the Capital, Zagreb. Originally Posted by subshooter. Find More Posts by Ynot. Originally Posted by Ynot. I have never done a ED with a Porsche but seems like Mercedes is different.

    Delivery charges are waived, so it's another discount. You get 75 Euros, you get more than just lunch, you can use it to buy wine, and souvenirs. You can get a free first class upgrade from Lufthansa or get an economy ticket for free, my wife flew at no extra cost.

    Mercedes also has packages you can buy at a great price, all 5 star hotels, complimentary breakfast, some comp dinners, really a great deal, unfortunately MB hasn't been anything exciting these days.

    Stelvio Pass Porsche - YouTube. Is that why you own 2 Porsches instead of 2 Mercedes? You could not pay me to get a Mercedes or BMW. ED benefits suck for Porsches. It's the worst "financial" deal of any European Delivery.

    Check out the first 30 seconds of my Stelvio Pass video I did Stelvio this summer with my Boxter Spyder. Originally Posted by Curated Content Editor. Find More Posts by Accel Junky. You need a vignette toll sticker for Slovenia also. In all the countries these are strictly needed if you get on the freeways. I set my GPS to avoid highways in Austria and a result did not purchase one.

    2017 Porsche 911 GTS European Delivery at Leipzig Pickup Video

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