1982 vw jetta diesel

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  • All specifications, performance and fuel economy data of Volkswagen Jetta Diesel (40 kW / 54 PS / 54 hp), edition of the year for Europe, including.

    All Volkswagen Jetta versions offered for the year with complete specs, performance and technical Volkswagen Jetta Diesel Formel E (man .

    Other VW Group TD(I)s. There is an 82 VW Rabbit L diesel for sale. . I traded my VW Rabbit LS Diesel in for my NEW Jetta.

    I did the usual easy thing which is to put it on Craigslist and wait for the march of automotive Germanophiles. For years, when behind a Toyota with foot to the floor climbing a hill, I have to ask myself about the pungent sulfur smell bellowing out of their exhaust …. The original Jetta was as Will says a Rabbit with a big trunk. You could always race for pinks…with a 11 year old kid on a motocross bike and a guy on a John Deere riding mower.

    Volkswagen Jetta - Wikipedia

    User Name Remember Me? August 18th, , Might buy VW Rabbit Diesel, any thoughts? I am potentially new to the diesel seen. Have spent several months reviewing diesels which is hard in MA , but plan to take the plunge in the next 6 months or sooner.

    There is an 82 VW Rabbit 1. Eng Refurb in , has recent new water pump, timing belt. It also comes with grease car conversion kit which is a nice extra because I'm thinking of going in that direction. It has my interest but would like any comments past users may have had with regard to overall reliability.

    Thanks for your input! You may want to check out the engine and fuel injectors really good if the car has been running on WVO for awhile. The Rabbit engine, being an IDI design, is more tolerant of variables but it is still worth looking at. Also check the compression and the body out really well for rust. If the car is from the great white north, then iron ants may have gotten to it underneath. Sounds expensive for an '82 Rabbit, but when you start tallying up all the goodies it is probably a bargain.

    Just keep in mind that this thing will be slow. August 19th, , What your telling me is when I have the family and kids in the car, and I'm on the on ramp to RT , make sure there are no cars coming towards me in the right lane cause there is no chance in hell I'll make a mph in 6 sec.

    Yeah, I was speaking to a guy who was selling an MB D. Something to think about. It's a non-turbo small-displacement diesel engine.

    It's gonna be slow. You won't even get of 6 seconds with VWs 2. With the weight of VWs, it takes either 6 or more cylinders, some tuning, or a lighter car Mini Cooper for example to get numbers like that. I wouldn't do it. I actually got a speeding ticket on the Mass Pike for going 70 back in the day when the limit was I asked the cop three or four times if he was sure.

    I was going down hill, that's the only way. Our Passats and my Jetta are a pleasure to drive. Certified Volkswagen Nut Vendor. There are just too many to list But seriously, the 1. No screamer, but I drive one every day and mine has to move a bigger, heavier, A2 Jetta. And I still seem to be able to get down the road faster than many of the morons I have to share the 45 mile one-way commute with every day The '82 will have one of two transmissions, a 4 or 5 speed. The biggest problem I always had with that vintage Rabbit is that they were the "Westmoreland cars".

    Some '79s, such as my '79 diesel Rabbit C, came from Germany, but by '82 they were all built locally except for the convertibles. In '81, though, is when they really got the crappy Ford Granada-ish interior, big ugly tail lamps, wraparound front turn signals, etc. Where the German Volkswagens still had nice headliners, dashboards, etc.

    These are rare but there is a nice '84 on eBay right now. There are several A2 Jetta diesels on eBay now, even a much-peppier '86 turbodiesel! Find More Posts by oilhammer. August 22nd, , I'm having mixed feelings at the moment.

    1982 VW Rabbit Diesel start and test drive

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