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  • Some have called the Lamborghini Miura one of the most beautiful cars on the road and if you look at [ ].

    Valentino Balboni Valentino Miura. Lamborghini Chief Test Driver Valentino Balboni in a Parallel Designs Replica. Dream and a Reality. SITE LAST UPDATED.

    Hi everyone,this is my first post on here so excuse my ignorance.I was thinking about getting a Lamborghini miura replica.I know very little of.

    The most famous and most remembered member of the Miura line was the SV which used entirely new cam timing and new carburetors for its famed handling characteristics. GinG15 posts months. The seats were nice enough, but not the correct shape for a Miura. When you look at the Prova against the real thing it's hugely different - side profile is way too tall look at the height above front arches, depth of doors etc.

    Welcome to Parallel Designs- home of the MIURA supercar

    Named after a famous breeder of Spanish fighting bulls, the Miura is widely regarded as the first supercar. Built by the Italian automaker Lamborghini from to , its lithe lines and exhilarating performance still hold an allure to this day, which makes it an ideal exotic to emulate, especially when enhanced with readily accessible American mechanicals.

    The build was originally done by V8 Archie, known for his Fiero V8 conversions, about 10 years ago. The car was built for a Texas doctor who wanted a Miura that he could drive reliably on long trips. Starting with a fiberglass Miura body made in the U.

    They custom-built a dash, console, and overhead console; modified a set of aftermarket bucket seats; and scratch-built Miura-style inner door panels. The car was finished off in a lovely blue metallic paint scheme. So a Corvette LS3 engine, making roughly hp, was mated to a GM transverse five-speed gearbox for power.

    The chassis was also lengthened and the suspension upgraded to handle this generous power enhancement. Impressively, Archie and his technicians were also able to modify and create an air-conditioning system in the car as well.

    In addition, they created headlight mechanisms that copy those of an original Miura and rise electrically when the lights are switched on. Custom inch wheels were made by Boyd Coddington to fit the 5x Fiero bolt pattern. In , the car was purchased by an overseas buyer from the estate of the doctor, who had enjoyed the car for a number of years. The new owner sent it to Simpson Design of Clinton, Washington, for some rework, as there had been shrinkage in the body around where all the stiffening steel had been installed.

    The new owner and the staff at Simpson Design also agreed that a number of details were incorrect on the car, and a color change was in order. Refurbishment continued on the interior where a couple improvements were necessary.

    The seats were nice enough, but not the correct shape for a Miura. So Simpson Design scratch-built new seats and had them upholstered to match the existing interior. The original tan carpeting was changed out for a medium gray to go with the late-model Ferrari yellow the client chose for the body.

    Months later, they had produced a lovely set of reproduction wheels, with center caps and faux knockoffs that actually thread into the wheels. The Fiat taillights were similar in nature to a Miura SV but were not correct for the narrower rear fender car, so the crew fabricated new pockets like those used on the original Miura. Simpson was also able to source new, period-correct taillight assemblies. A few concessions from originality were made though. The headlight eyebrows and surrounding recess area were omitted in the style of the Lamborghini Jota.

    Most original Miuras were also made with manual windows, but this car is fitted with power windows. Is the car quick? All of which makes this fighting bull even more ferocious. Perfecting a Lamborghini Miura replica with LS3 power. Story by Jim Simpson Photos by Chuck Simpson Named after a famous breeder of Spanish fighting bulls, the Miura is widely regarded as the first supercar.

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