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  • By the time Mitsubishi finally brought the Lancer Evolution VIII to our shores in , I had already logged countless hours behind the wheel.

    Don't let its four doors fool you: The Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution is a sports car before anything else, with heaps of performance fun in a small package.

    Then fate places a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR in the driveway. I hadn't requested the Evo because the car hasn't changed since I last.

    Otherwise, what fun would it be? I'm a slender pounds, and even I felt jammed into the driver's seat. If you look at the design and engineering of the DSG, you will see it is a manual transmission with an automated clutch assembly. New Car Program Benefits. These programs cover anything from flat-tire changes and locksmith services to jump-starts and towing.

    Review: Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution MR - The Truth About Cars

    Perhaps the concepts of communicative steering, a connection with the car, and a visceral driving experience are just something I have in my head? Can they actually exist in the real world? As the weeks roll on, one begins to have doubts. Moreover, Brendan brilliantly reviewed a GSR last fall. I already knew how it would drive, but who turns down a week with an Evo? Well, my wife would. The Evo X does do some things very well.

    In these economy- and-refinement-minded times, this is not a common occurrence. The heated driving experience exceeds the cold, hard numbers. Decelerate for a turn, and it automatically steps down through the gears, so the right one will be there the instant you need it.

    Choose from normal, sport, and super sport modes to vary the height of the boil at which the transmission keeps the angry hair dryer under the hood. Of course, you can get far more bang for your buck in a Mustang. The car is too hefty and nose-heavy for that, and the Evo even feels more than a little out of sorts in casual driving. Wondering what car reviewers are looking for when they criticize the steering in, well, everything? This is it, firm, direct, quick, and communicative. You can moderately exceed these numbers if you drive the Evo like you would a Prius.

    But why would you do that? Drive the Evo in the suburbs without a concern for gas mileage and mid-teens happen. Drive it like you stole it and the digits become singular. The WRX is about as quick, but even with the tweaks, it remains a far softer, less immediately responsive, less communicative, considerably less visceral car. He can be reached at Michael Karesh operates truedelta.

    It was a joke, picking on what happens when you take cues from one of your good cars and apply them to one of your not-so-good ones. Yet Mitsubishi committed a cardinal sin by endowing their vehicles which, by the way, share many components with similar styling cues over several model years.

    It is easily a match for the quality and build of the current, vintage Corolla and better than the current, vintage Sentra. In quality, it matched the vintage Civic without the ridiculous layout and gee-whiz electronic screens for major gauges , and the Civic has actually declined in tactile quality since its redesign.

    Warranted and even functional with the Evo, ludicrous with the Outlander Sport. Having owner a Kalapana Black Lancer Sportback, I can attest that this interior is worlds better than what it was.

    The only difference inside, I believe, between my lowly wagon and that gen Evo was the Recaro seats. All the hard plastic blacked-out switch blanks in my car had switches in the Evo, about the only other difference. The newer interiors, while not world beating by any stretch, are so much better.

    The worst part of the car was the interior, everything else worked fine until it was totaled by a rear-end collision at 75k. I have always found the Evo to be better-looking than the WRX, but the difference is striking now. Much, much better without the wing. Go for the leather interior and nav system and you get a sports sedan that rivals the German monsters in performance and features but admittedly far less refinement for tens of thousands of dollars less.

    2011 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution GSR Start Up, Exhaust, and In Depth Tour

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