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  • The Real Story Behind Elon Musk’s $ Billion Acquisition Of SolarCit
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  • Tesla shareholders challenging the acquisition of SolarCity Corp. produced enough evidence showing the deal may have been flawed by.

    SAN FRANCISCO —In a deal that brings electric cars together with solar power, Tesla Motors shareholders voted Thursday to approve a deal.

    He has taken out $ million in personal credit lines to buy more shares in SolarCity and Tesla when advantageous. SpaceX, his aerospace.

    It was becoming difficult to keep doubling the business every year as investors had grown accustomed to. The company would begin accepting orders for Solar Roofs the following week. He frequently consults for energy startups and Silicon Valley's premier venture capitalists. But until wealthy walk-ins swarm the industrial sections of Burlingame and Sunnyvale, Tesla is going to try to rely on its rapidly growing customer base.

    SolarCity accepts Tesla's $ billion offer; both shares fall | Reuters

    Elon Musk stands in the middle of a residential street. Musk begins his presentation with doom and gloom—rising CO2 levels, the crisis of global warming—but the audience of or so is beaming. Inside the garage of each of these homes, he points out, is a Tesla vehicle and next-generation Powerwall, the sleek rechargeable battery Tesla developed in to store energy for household use.

    During the day, the solar shingles can generate electricity and recharge the Powerwall. After the sun goes down, the battery takes over, providing power independent of the traditional utility grid. The business, an industry-rallying success for nearly a decade, had recently run into challenges. Tesla is betting that its Powerwall battery, combined with its Solar Roof tiles, will entice the design-conscious set.

    They know his actions are often fraught with risk, but they believe in his mission—and his products. Few entrepreneurs in his stratosphere could make such a grandiose pitch land so solidly.

    His cousins, the Rives, had struggled to sell a fraction of this vision to Wall Street during their latter years running SolarCity as a public company; Musk did it in 14 minutes. And to what degree do we negatively impact the environment by getting there slower? Musk has always approached innovation this way: He designs the future and wills it into existence, despite the disbelievers.

    This year, in fact, Tesla became the most perilous stock to short, costing speculators billions—more than the combined losses of those trading against Apple, Amazon, and Netflix. In that sense, Musk has become the face of salvation to some, and motivation to others.

    Even so, within Tesla, there were serious doubts about the merger. With President Donald Trump announcing the U. I glimpse a number of designs myself, during a visit to Fremont in April. When seen from below, the tiles appear to be opaque, like Tuscan or slate shingles. But from above, the glass covering the tiles is transparent, allowing the sun to reach the solar cell underneath.

    Slate Tile Solar Roof [Gif: Musk feels that aesthetics, in particular, will be crucial for SolarCity, which hopes to win over the kinds of consumers who might balk at installing traditional solar panels on top of their houses. But the residential solar industry is still Byzantine and fragmented, involving things like building permits, regulatory roadblocks, and individual roof assessments.

    The SolarCity roof requires a complete re-roofing job, unlike traditional solar panels, which can be mounted on top of existing shingles. Solar is a massive market, the company notes, with about 5 million new roofs built every year in the U. The Rive brothers—who grew up with Musk in Pretoria, South Africa, and built and later sold an IT software company in the Bay Area—were looking to make a bigger impact with their next startup.

    Musk, Lyndon recalls, suggested they look into solar. They came up with a plan to drive costs down by controlling the experience from sale to installation while third-party manufacturers provided the panels.

    Tesla's Solar City acquisition conference call w/ Elon Musk [Full]

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