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  • Going to the service center for some light duties like changing your air filter is unnecessary, as even an inexperienced person can do it in less.

    By Deanna Sclar. On most modern vehicles, the air filter is under the hood inside a rectangular cold air collector box that's located up near the front of the engine.

    Knowing when to change your air filter isn't the easiest task. the filter to the engine, which affects the entire emission control system of the car.

    Contact Advertise Legal Comment Policy. How long does a car's air filter last? Should auto tires have a sell-by date? Another good suggestion is to have the air filter changed every time you go for an oil change. But one automotive expert said that because of where he drives, he changes his own vehicle's air filter every two years or 24, miles 38, kilometers -- whichever comes first [source:

    Why Changing Your Car's Air Filter Is More Important Than You Think | ATC

    There are some tasks necessary for your car that you can easily accomplish. Going to the service center for some light duties like changing your air filter is unnecessary, as even an inexperienced person can do it in less than 5 minutes. In fact, once you have done it yourself, you will wonder why you need to pay top dollar for someone else to do so.

    The only thing you need to do is to buy the new air filter yourself. Unlike other tasks, like an oil change, the job is pretty straightforward once you have the only necessary item to finish it. The air filter is very important for your engine to run properly.

    Air will eventually mix with fuel, and when you start the car, the spark plug will ignite the mixture. The end result is internal combustion. This is necessary for your car engine to run and function efficiently. Unfortunately, the air from outside of the car is full of other junk that will not get burned easily.

    This is the reason why air filters are necessary for your engine to run smoothly. The air filter in your engine is connected to the intake manifold.

    While older car models with carburetors have air filters shaped like a donut, newer cars have rectangular ones. They are also manufactured of material similar to paper and is porous. They are also folded similar to an accordion, although for more surface area.

    This filter will capture dirt and other big particulates from the air and prevent it from getting inside your engine. On the other hand, clean air will be able to flow through. Eventually, your filter becomes full of the dirt and the particulates it captures, which is why it needs to be replaced regularly. When it is too dirty, even the clean air will not be able to pass through which could result to engine damage. Beyond that, there are many other advantages to a new air filter.

    Your car engine needs clean air in order to perform efficiently. When the filter is very dirty and clogged, there is not enough of the clean air getting inside the engine.

    Without enough air, the engine will require more fuel in order to gain the same combustion and run. So by investing a few dollars in a new filter, you will be saving a lot more on gas. Your engine is actually quite sensitive and may get damaged even with just small gains of sand. Saving a few dollars will eventually lead you to spend thousands of dollars on a whole new engine.

    When there is reduced airflow to the car engine, the emission control systems are affected, making your car spew more pollutants into the atmosphere.

    How to fit a performance air filter.

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